Expired No More- Part III

Could it be possible that some of the trials we go through have little to do with us at all?

Before my son was born I could have never conceived spending a night with my child in the NICU more or less a week.  The LORD knew I was not strong enough to watch my child suffer or atleast I believed this to be true.

When this trial first began to unravel I went from emergency mode to an open faucet of tears.  I tried not to cry in front of the ambulance driver, the nurses, the doctors, my children and so on.   I remember apologizing to my husband for crying so much as we headed back to the hospital the next morning.  He told me not to be ashamed of my tears because they were silent prayers to God.  (Have I ever mentioned how amazing my husband is?)

There came a point in the hospital that I did not feel the need to cry so much.  God’s grace had met me in the midst of the fire.  I felt His overwhelming peace as I surrounded myself with scripture and Christian music.

I suddenly found myself surrounded by people who needed hope that only the LORD could offer.  I found opportunities to share my faith with the nurses and staff at the front desk.

One day a young lady who worked there came to me while I was waiting for the nurses to insert yet another IV into my son.  The conversation quickly escalated from casual to questions about my faith.  In the hallway of the NICU I was able to give her a full presentation of the Gospel.

Staff were only the beginning.  Everywhere I looked there were parents and family members of sick babies.  I can’t remember how many people I was able to encourage in the LORD some I even prayed with.

One father stands out in my mind.  His name was Eric.  I had met him earlier but was not really aware of why his baby was in there.  It was about midnight and I had gone to the waiting room for a snack.  I sat down at the table next to his.  We talked about the coming election but then his face grew very serious.  He expressed that his son was very sick.

I cannot explain what happened next without giving full credit to the LORD.  I started sharing the testimony of my little brother’s birth.  I told of how he was born with a diaphragmatic hernia in the early 80’s and how he miraculously beat all of the odds.

In astonishment, Eric told me that his baby, Max, was there because of a diaphragmatic hernia.  What are the odds?  There is no doubt in my mind that I was right where the LORD wanted me at that very moment in time.  I went on to share the Gospel with Eric that night.

In the midst of all of the tests and facing the unknown something occurred to me.  What if the seizures my son had endured had little to do with him or me?

The doctors never found any cause for the seizures.  He is on one medication and has not had a seizure since he was 48 hours old.

What if we had endured testing for the sole purpose of encouraging Eric and giving him the Gospel?  Would it have been worth it?  What is one soul worth to God?

Could it be possible that some of the trials we endure have little to do with us at all?




2 thoughts on “Expired No More- Part III

  1. I believe you are right. We talk about glorifying God but somehow we think that if we glorify God, that should glorify us somehow. His purposes are not ours. If we are really His servants, His purposes (not ours) should be our focus. It is wonderful that your son has not had any more seizures, and wonderful that God placed you where He did at just the right time. All things work together for good! Romans 8:28

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