Expired No More: A Birth Story

So it looks like I have not posted on my blog in so long that my account information has expired.  What has kept me from expressing myself, on this blog, in so long?

The short and sweet answer would be: “life”.  Having my seventh child basically  has turned my life upside down.   Has it been worth it?  Yes.

In October, I gave birth to an amazing little boy.  Now our family’s  boy to girl ratio is  3 to 4.

My birth experience was one of the most difficult I have ever had. I was somewhat spoiled with my first 6 births.  I usual don’t labor very long.  But this one broke the mold.

I would start laboring at 10:30 pm and have a painful, sleepless night attended by a midwife and assistants.  At one point, about 13 hours later, I was so exhausted and overwhelmed with the pain that I was sobbing.  My midwife and birth assistant tried to encourage me but I was through.  A last ditch effort: my midwife asked if I would be willing to get into our deep bathtub.  Three contractions later the tub was clean and filled.  The hot water soothed my aching muscles and lifted my heavy limbs.  I had one more contraction, that was still quite painful,  and then had the urge to push.  Only 12 minutes passed before my little guy was born.  He swam into my life as the only baby in our family born underwater.

The next day, as I recovered from a long frustrating labor,  I looked at my husband and expressed to him how thankful I was that it was all over and at least we had a healthy son to show for all of my trouble.  Little did I know that the trying of our faith had just begun.

Just 25 hours after giving birth my son would have a seizure.  The birth assistant sat just across from me as she checked on me a day after the birth.  She noticed his faced was a strange color and we at once assumed he was was choking.  After a quick assessment it became obvious that he was breathing but not as much as he should be. We stripped his clothes off to find his entire body a bluish gray.  His respiratory rate had gone down to 20.  He recovered after about 1 minute but the birth assistant insisted we take him to the emergency room.

We took him to the closest hospital and quickly learned that an ambulance from Children’s hospital would be on it’s way.  I had never had a child transported by ambulance before that evening.  I chose to ride with my husband behind the ambulance because my emotions were in overload.

Little did I know as we passed through the hospital doors that my faith would be tested more than ever before…



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