The Mirage in my Garage

It all began when I decided to bring our dog into our partial basement so I could treat her with a bug repellent ( of sorts). My six year old daughter and four year old son wanted to come with me. What started as an opportunity to tend to the dog inside, away from the rain, quickly turned into a little people party.

Our partial basement is unfinished and separated from our main basement. My husband keeps his exercise bike and some storage in there. There is also straw back there to keep our dog’s pin livable. My son quickly gravitated toward the bike. After being thwarted he settled for rearranging the pile of hay. He finds an extremely loud squeaky toy while his sister decides she will put the dog back on the leash and take her for a walk. The dog attempted to eat but got hopelessly distracted. I, like the dog, find myself bewildered by the confusion.

I decided to send the children upstairs. This required them to go through two garages to get to our main basement. Both children expressed their fear at this endeavor. I put the dog on her leash and escorted the children through the first garage as I encouraged them that the motion sensor light would turn on as soon as they entered the second. They tentatively entered the second garage and quickly backed out. As we approached I had heard things falling but quickly dismissed it to some items being disheveled upon the children’s earlier visit. I gallantly took the lead in an attempt to trigger the light but to no avail.

My son says, “I see something moving, Mommy!”

I look and see something black and white swaying back and forth. Was it a snake or some strange animal’s tail? The darkness masked the answer and I left no time for further research. I quickly ushered my dog and two children into the partial basement, shut and locked the door behind us. Breathlessly I told the children not to open the door as I left them with the dog and ran out into the pouring rain to our backdoor. It encouraged me that a quick response came to my knock. I rapidly informed my husband of the situation grabbed two coats for my children and ran back out into the shower.

I put the coats on my children and secured my dog. We made it to the back door and stumbled into the house. Somehow the children kept calm as I tried to answer my husband’s befuddled questions.

“How did an animal get into our garage?” he probed.

“I am not sure, Hunny. All I know is I saw something moving in there.” I adamantly replied.

After some repose my husband ensued an investigation. To my bewilderment he returned shortly with his findings.

“It was the wires to the garage door opener that you saw.” he confidently declared. “Someone had knocked it down and it was hanging by the wires.”

Thoroughly relieved and only slightly embarrassed I soon encouraged myself with the hopes that I had just discovered something new to post on my blog 🙂

I wonder if Dr. Suess ever had a mirage in his garage………


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