Am I a Good Mom?

How many of us moms ask ourselves this question regularly? Whether facing toddlers or teenagers being a mom is hard.

Over the years friends have repeatedly told me how just thinking of what I must go through, having so many children and homeschooling, gives them courage. Sometimes I think if they only knew all my shortcomings, all the ways I fail everyday, would they still be encouraged?

From my children’s manners and nutrition to their dental hygiene and education I struggle day by day. Even more importantly: am I being a good testimony to them? Does my attitude draw them to Christ? Do I have a strong work ethic and a humble spirit?

These questions float around in my head sometimes triggered by embarrassing moments of a child’s misbehavior (my 4 year old at last week’s co-op). Maybe a questioning or challenging tween will cause me to struggle.

I am so thankful to every mom before me who has given a word of encouragement in these times of doubt.

Over and over I bring my children before the LORD in prayer. I beg Him for the wisdom and humility I lack.

Then I stop to remember how incredibly blessed I am to have these children. He created me to be their mom and nobody else. Who am I to question the LORD’s wisdom? Instead I will claim His promises and let His strength be made perfect in my weakness!

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