Mom’s Night Out in the ER Part Two, “You’re Pregnant!”

It seemed like an hour as I sat in the waiting room wondering if My symptoms were that of a stroke. I checked at the desk to clarify that I had been told to call 911 and might have a life threatening condition. My sister-in-law seemed to remember that, “a merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” She just kept me laughing until a nurse finally called me to get some stats. In reality I had waited for only a half hour.

When they finally came for me they brought a wheel chair. They rolled me back to a triage which had only curtains separating the patients from one another. This situation intimidated me as I could hear a person coughing up what sounded like a vital organ on the other side of the curtain. The image of an orange notice, I saw posted on the wall, informing patients of possible symptoms of Ebola danced in my head.

My nurse greeted me immediately. His name tag read Gary and his short gray hair told of his years of experience. I have given birth naturally six times with midwives because I do not feel comfortable being in any state of undress in front of any man that I am not married to. The thought of a male nurse made me stress. Gary would soon put me at ease with his dry sense of humor. He never cracked a smile as my sister-in-law and I shared about our large families and he questioned us of our sanity. We did not find out until later that he had four children himself. His dry sense of humor made his announcement hard to take.

“Guess what!” Gary exclaimed as he slipped through the curtain with something white in his hand, “You’re pregnant!”

“Are you for real?” I retorted as my blood pressure ascended. I had suspected pregnancy as I had suffered from extreme tiredness for a couple of weeks prior to this. I welcome every blessing the LORD gives me but I sat flabbergasted at the possibility with my youngest not even eleven months old.

“No!” Gary honestly stated, with his face expressionless. “I was just kidding with you.” He showed me the negative test to confirm his latter statement.

Teri thoroughly enjoyed this joke and would talk about it for days afterward. I can laugh about it now, too 🙂

Between Teri and I we met everyone from doctors to janitorial staff. the man in charge of my CAT scan shared that he had two small children and wanted his wife to homeschool them. I of course shared of my love for homeschooling as he wheeled me to and from the giant, humming donut that took pictures of my brain.

I gave them blood and allowed them to scan my head, take my blood pressure and set up an IV. When all was said and done a Jewish doctor, who was very serious indeed, came with the results.

“You are simply dehydrated!,” he declared, ” Go home and drink more water.”

We returned home after two in the morning. What a night! I have never before had such a time of bonding with my brother’s wife. She comforted my fears and made me laugh. Isn’t that what a Mom’s night out is all about. Next time I think a restaurant and even a manicure would be cheaper but we’ll take what we can get 🙂

2 thoughts on “Mom’s Night Out in the ER Part Two, “You’re Pregnant!”

  1. I must say we have certainly shared many memories over the years and this one was one of the best, but honestly I’m so thankful to have a sister in law that shares my convictions, has a genuine love and joy for the Lord and will always be by my side to comfort and encourage me in my time of need. You are a dear lovely woman and don’t ever forget that!

    Love, Teri

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