Mom’s Night Out in the ER

If you could get away from the kids for an evening and hang out with your friends where would you go? Well regularly the local emergency room doesn’t show up on my list. I was reminded one Thursday night in February that you can have a good time no matter where you are (with few exceptions). Especially when you put a mom of six (me) and a mom of five (my sister-in-law) together with no children to distract them.

The adventure began one Thursday evening around 7 o’clock. My children and I were finishing dinner. As I was walking through the kitchen I suddenly felt off balance and immediately sat down on the couch. It is hard to explain but I just knew something was not right. By the time my good friend, Christine, had arrived to check on me my hands felt weak and numbness began to travel up my left arm. My husband was an hour away helping with church visitation.

By the time he returned home Christine reluctantly left and my husband encouraged me to call the nurse hotline affiliated with our insurance. I realized from the nurse’s questions that she suspected a stroke or heart attack. After telling her all of my symptoms the nurse calmly said this, “After reviewing your symptoms I am going to ask you to call 911.”

How do you respond to that? In my limited experience with ambulances they have not been as time efficient as one would suspect. I opted to call my sister-in-law instead. My husband stayed home with our six children while my sister-in-law, Teri, drove me to our local ER.

She insisted on staying with me through the entire ordeal. Between the two of us cutting up in the waiting room and the triage it’s a wonder we were not kicked out of the place. I needed the comic relief as I feared the worst about my health.

To be continued…..


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