Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails ……

..And that is what my life has been made of these past two months. My lack of blog posts falsely reflects a need for more adventure in our home.

Why one Monday morning, a few weeks ago, my children and I sat reading our science and history books without a care in the world. My husband ascended from his basement office with breaking news.

“Guess what I just saw downstairs,” he began.

Immediately images of mice and gigantic spiders tore through my head. My husband held his composure with a reassuring smile as he negated my suspicions.

“What did you see?” I insisted.

“Maybe I should just wait and tell you after school,” he teased.

After much protest he relented. The words, “It was a snake,” still resound in my ears.

Now in my blog I have been honest about my fear of spiders and my disdain of mice but neither of these compare to my bone chilling phobia of snakes.

Schooling dimmed as a migraine formed over my right eyebrow. Details of my husband’s unwelcome encounter came flooding out.

He discovered this little snake staring at him in a perch near the mouse pad on his desk. It was less than a foot long and black but it got away.

The size and color of the creature calmed me but not for long. Snakes grow I thought. How did it get in? Would I find it between my clothes when I retrieved the laundry? Any one of the nearly twenty black cords laying on our basement floor, near the outlets, could be the snake, I told myself as I paused and waited for one of them to move.

Our dirty laundry started piling up because I convinced myself not to go down there alone.

In desperation I sought help from the experts, my Facebook friends. Had anyone had snakes in their home and how did they expel them? Suggestions came pouring in: moth balls, sticky traps and even flour on the floor to track its movements.

We took everyone’s advice in hopes that something would work (except for the whole flour thing, great blogging material but not worth the clean up effort 🙂 ).

Then a sweet friend suggested that snakes don’t enjoy racket so to encourage my children to play downstairs. Would it really be that simple?

Let’s just say we have not seen the serpent since. Five weeks have passed since the slithery sighting and life seems normal once again (for us anyway 🙂 ).

Staying true to the title of this post comes the slug discovery. Slugs hold some relation to snails, don’t they? Soon after the snake appeared I apprehended a slug, in my basement, that measured 5.5 inches long. It made for a great impromptu science lesson but the question remains….How are these creatures entering our home?

The “puppy dog tails” in the title will be for future posts. My family plans on picking up our first puppy on Monday. Just in case things did not seem exciting enough 🙂

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