Just a Smile

This post entered my mind one early morning as I ran the garbage can down my driveway just in time for the garbage truck to make its grand entrance onto our street. The excitement that welled within me, at having placed the can just in time, generated a smile upon my face. When this smile came to fruition it also exemplified my feeling of gratitude toward the dedicated refuse workers who arrived to take my trash away. When at least one of the said workers began to cat call it occurred to me that my smile of victory and gratitude had been deeply misconstrued. My expression immediately turned to one of confusion as I indignantly and hastily made it back into the protective confines of my home.

Crazy right? My smile leaves me in strange predicaments on occassion.

I love to smile. One of my mentors nicknamed me “Smilie” years ago because he never saw me without a smile. Let’s just say that I smile at practically everyone I see. The only thing I enjoy more than smiling is laughing but that is a different post entirely.

As a preteen a teacher kicked me out of his class because he says that he saw me smiling while he admonished the class. The fact remains that I did not even realize that I had been smiling.

As a teenager sometimes weird men would follow my friends and I around the shopping mall just because I accidentally smiled at them.

Those times, as an adult, that I have concerned myself with making a good impression, out in public, with a big smile and a greeting to everyone nearby often turn into a lesson in humility when I realize that an obvious piece of food in my teeth made the most lasting impression.

I will never forget one morning in college when I found myself rushing to work right after breakfast. A handsome gentleman stood holding the door open for me and I gave him a huge smile in return. He looked somewhat amused. Apparently the blueberry muffin I had consumed for breakfast left a beautiful blueberry skin covering one of my front teeth.

Yes, smiling presents its own dangers. Instead of shying away and hiding these ivories I will consider it a dangerous mission. The mission entails the spreading of smiles everywhere whether people are smiling with me or just at me πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Just a Smile

  1. Keep smiling, and I’ll smile with you! πŸ™‚ I love the expression on the face of the child in the smiley picture you posted! Looks as if smiles are contagious!

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