Overdue Again


When most people hear the word “overdue” they think of library books, bills or even term papers. In my mind this word means only one thing, there is yet another baby inside of me who has no intention of regarding the calendar.

Many women know the feeling of passing that special day on the calendar with a little one inside of you. In fact I once read that only 6% of women actually have the baby on their given due date. A well seasoned mom once told me that your due date is the one day you most likely will not have the baby.

After 6 full term pregnancies I have the privilege of eliminating any day before and up to 4 days after my given date. That is right. Out of 6 babies the earliest came 5 days after they were due. The latest baby came 13 days after she was expected. Today my 6th baby is 6 days overdue.

So people might question if my dates are confused. My only answer is each date was confirmed with early sonograms and verified by examination of each baby after their birth.

Then there must be something I could do to encourage earlier labors. Walk, walk the stairs, take supplements, drink special tea, bounce, eat dates, pineapple, lemons…etc. All of which I have attempted along with other things that will go unmentioned with respect for male readers. With this being said I can almost guarantee my readers will have many well meaning suggestions to add to this list.

I love my friends and appreciate their caring solutions to my quandary but honestly I am just wore out. Could it be possible that babies just come when they are ready no matter what we do?

Yesterday, my midwives attempted to encourage labor with a method never used on me in previous pregnancies. Today I sit here writing this very great with child.

Maybe I am reaping for all of those late term papers and projects during my college years. If any of my professors are reading this, I am sorry for procrastinating 🙂

One thought on “Overdue Again

  1. Hey, Becky,

    Be sure to let me know when the little one arrives! It’s hard to wait, but remember there’s a time to every purpose under heaven! I’ll be praying!

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