Would You Like Your Tongue Well Done?

This is not a post about unusual menu items so it is safe to keep reading.  Rather this subject came to mind while I began my consumption of a simple bowl of broccoli and cheddar soup.  Just as many times before I let my appetite get ahead of my brain.  I inserted the spoon into my mouth without using the precaution of cooling it first.  The delight of the delicious dish came to ruin as the end of my tongue started to swell in pain.

No big deal, right?  Everyone has suffered a similar fate at the hand of a steaming menu item.  The trouble herein lies that over the years I never seem to learn my lesson.  At first recollection I can picture my mom and I sitting in a little diner at the back of a department store.  Christmas music filled the air and my mom handed me my own cup of hot chocolate.  Yes,  I burnt my tongue on the chocolate beverage at the age of six.  Since that potentially traumatizing incident I have made the same mistake regularly in my life.

My husband, on the other hand, mastered the art of eating steaming hot foods at an early age.  He willingly gives me another tutorial anytime I show hesitation in front of a bowl of soup or cup of hot chocolate.  He always reminds me of proper consumption techniques as I complain of burning myself once more.  Over the years his caring advice has most likely spared me from suffering more trauma.  It makes sense because my husband does most everything with patience and consideration.

I tend to jump into a great deal of things without a plan of action.  Which brings me to another subject that came to mind as my aching tongue began healing last week.  How much other trouble does my tongue  get me into on a regular basis?  Stay tuned for my next post as  I humbly share of how my friendliness, wit and sense of humor have gotten me into more than anyone’s share of awkward circumstances.

The tongue is a powerful thing!

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