Locking Lug What ?


It all begins when a certain tire place kept our locking lug nut after doing some work on our mini van.  I am using the term “locking lug nut” to refer to the small metal object that unlocks the nuts on our tires when they need to be removed for any reason.  I am not sure if that is the correct term but bear with me.

My husband and I did not discover that this crucial object was missing until 3 months later at an oil change.  The “unnamed” tire place that had possession of said object had been too busy to work on our car that day.  When we called them upon realizing our dilemma they, with great mirth, reassured us that our locking lug nut had been sitting in their register drawer, with our name attached, for the past three months.

At this point I focused on getting it back in our vehicle where it belonged.  Later my pride and indignation got the better of me.  I called to speak to the manager of the establishment that had kept our locking lug nut hostage for three months.  It turned out that the manager claimed he had called us to make us aware of the mistake.  First he claimed a message was left, which I struggled to believe.  Then his story changed to he had spoken to my husband or I, personally,  about the situation, which I found even harder to believe.

I politely explained my concern of possibly being left stranded on the side of the road with five children in my car. I hoped that there would be an apology maybe even a free oil change offered as consolation.  All I received was an annoyed man at the other end of the phone line obviously waiting for the nagging woman to let him get back to work.  At this point corporate could be expecting a call from me.  My pride motivated me to go over this rude man’s head.

Before I managed to get the number to corporate I  needed to clean out my van.  During this process I felt the humbling of God.  The layers of craziness in my car that needed removal did not humble me.  Later while I drove my children to the car wash, in order to vacuum and shampoo my carpets, several tools became dislodged in the trunk area of my van.

In a rush to get the cleaning process complete I did not manage to pick up all of the little shiny objects that were strewn all over the back.  Instead I decided to vacuum around them.  In this process I realized the strength of these vacuums.   Before I had time to think I had already vacuumed up several little parts to a ratchet set.

On the way home I got a sick feeling in my stomach.  Could one of those lost objects have been our locking lug nut?  That evening when my husband returned home from work my fears were confirmed.  I had managed to lose,  forever,  the object that I had just lectured the manager at a tire store about.

Lesson learned LORD.  I never called corporate.

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