Happy Anniversary

Don’t worry if you think you missed sending your regards on a very special occasion.  Our wedding anniversary isn’t for another month  (hint, hint) .  No,  the 21st of June marks a year of blogging for me.

I sure do appreciate all of my friends who have taken the time to read this blog.  The thought of bringing amusement to others makes all the crazy stuff I manage to do worth it.  Although my husband might have a different opinion about that.

I noticed that I had not posted anything in a month so I figured I would give you a quick synopsis of my life in June.  We hosted a yard sale for the first time in 6 years and managed to collect a total of $28 (it might be another 6 years before the next one).    We attended a huge homeschooling conference where I got to meet the Duggars for the second time. (It is not an obsession. They are just amazing people by God’s grace.)  My oldest daughter turned 10 years old.  Our church hosted a 4 night revival.  I organized and hosted a tea party for my church (there was definitely some blog-worthy moments in that process) .   In the midst of this we managed to contract an allergy-like sinus virus that sticks with you for weeks.  Now that we are recovering my 22 month old has croup.

After reading over this journal of events it is a wonder that I haven’t been blogging much this month 🙂The little girl's table at our church tea party.



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