No Fake Snake

If you follow this blog you are aware that I have arachnophobia.  what is worse than an eight-legged creature within a yard of me or my children?  A snake tops the list on my worst fear chart.   Poisonous snakes bring more goosebumps than their nonvenomous counterparts but I rarely get close enough to tell the difference.

A few days ago my daughter and I went outside to plant some plants that would otherwise not stand a chance of survival inside.  (I lack what some call a “green thumb”.)  I asked my husband for suggestions of where to place these plants (so they would not get mowed over or weed whacked).   While I bent down to make sure of my husband’s suggestion and he stood on the porch overseeing the whole operation, the siting was made.

My husband said, “Back away quick!”  Trusting that my husband had my best interest in mind, I did just as he instructed.  Then he proclaimed the words that made my heart stand still.  “There is a snake!” That is when I screamed for my little ones to follow me.  We entered the house through the garage. I gathered my courage to come out and to stand on the porch by my husband.

The snake lay coiled in a large bush right beside my front door.  It appeared to be a black snake.  Having just recovered from my battle with a mouse in my house, a few weeks prior to this, I recognized the blessing such a snake could be (near someone else’s home).

I convinced my husband not to kill it.  I called my brother (my favorite snake enthusiast) and asked him to come rescue the serpent from my bush.  My wonderful brother arrived (4 hours later) and yelled, “Its safe to come out now,” once he had the snake in hand. Due to my brother’s bravery alone the snake lived to see another day beside his house miles away.

Almost 4 feet in length this serpent had obviously eaten recently as we saw a bulge that indicated this.  Some say this bulge  could have been another mouse.  But I think it more likely was a sweet little bird for I do love birds!

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