Me vs. Mouse: Day 39 The First Casualty

There had been no mouse sighting in two weeks.  Could we dream that we had scared this culprit out of our home?

No,  late one night as my husband headed toward bed he once again met our furry foe.  This time the resilient rodent ran down the stairs away from my spouse.  My husband , Cesar, quickly locked the doors to the basement to keep the critter contained.  He then set and peanut butter baited  several more snap traps.

Cesar shared this story with me the next morning.  By that evening after the children’s bedtime,  I heard a trap snap.  Following the initial noise there came a clattering.  Obviously our target continued to breathe.  I yelled for my husband.  When he came to investigate the mouse trap had disappeared from view.   We now sought an injured mouse on the run.

The next evening I lightly assisted my husband in clearing out the storage area to find the missing trap and hopefully a dead mouse attached to it.  After 20 minutes of this endeavor however  we found a vacant trap.  On this trap there appeared to be a blood stain and scarred wood where the creature had obviously been gnawing an appendage loose from the trap.

We spent another hour searching for our injured foe.  He was no where to be found.  The war continues.  Our enemy still roams this house.   Defeat is not an option:-)

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