Chorus of Coughs

It seems to me that there are many people out there that think of a large family as utter chaos.  They just multiply their one or two children times the applicable number and cannot imagine what life must be like in such a home.

On most days I would have to utterly disagree.  I personally was the middle child of three and had never dreamed that I would ever have more than three children myself.  It amazes me how the LORD changed my heart and how many blessings He has trusted me with in the process.  Regularly, I feel that my life as a mom of five is easier than many of those who only have one or two.

This week would not be one of those times.  For this week our family came down with the flu.  If there is one thing that is harder about having many children it is sickness.  In an average family babies are born one at a time. My family has been no exception thus by the time I gave birth to my fifth child my oldest daughter was eight years old and a very willing and capable helper.  My next daughter is also a big blessing to me when it comes to house work and entertaining her siblings.  But let all of my little ones get sick and I feel that I have five toddlers to tend.  Literally, I am filling a glass for one while the other is yelling for a tissue and another a softer pillow and all with a toddler on my hip.  Then, of course,  Mommy gets sick, too.

How does a mother endure the pressure of these times?  “How do you do it?”, is one of the most frequent questions I hear on a healthy day.  The answer is always the same, “by the grace of God.”  By His grace alone I get up every morning and breathe every breath.  It is the thankfulness the LORD has placed in my heart for His numerous blessings that gives me a smile in the midst of confusion.

My children always seem to ask, “Why does God let us get sick, Mommy?”   My answer is not deep or theological (that I can impart at another time).  My answer simply is that if we never got sick we would forget how good it feels to be well.Image

One thought on “Chorus of Coughs

  1. Sorry to hear you have been sick. But I think the reason you gave your children for why we experience sickness is exactly right!

    Thanks for responding to my post, too. 🙂 It’s fun to write, but sometimes I don’t know really what would be good to write about.

    Hope all gets better soon at your house! Did you catch that mouse?

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    On Apr 4, 2013, at 4:30 PM, helovesbecky wrote:

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