Me vs. Mouse: Day 21 Face to Face

This evening my worst fears for the mouse were realized.  It is upstairs!  EEEK!!!!

Call me naive but I assumed after finding no evidence of a mouse in our home for weeks that maybe it had left the same way it came.  I prefer the title of optimist 🙂

Our family was getting ready to head out the door when my 7 year old daughter claims she saw a mouse run into the corner.  So I carefully but doubtingly moved some things out of the way from the said “corner” when this little monster jumped out.  I shrieked and scared the rodent right back into the corner.

I got a plastic container with the intentions of dropping it over the creature.  Meanwhile my husband wielded a giant, plastic baseball bat.  He stood at one exit and I stood at the other.

My 9 year old sweetly delivered some worthless glue traps to us along with a box to entice the mouse to run into it. My husband made noise and scared the furry fiend my way.  It ran right over the glue trap and stopped to look me right in the eyes.  When I attempted to capture the critter it B-lined around me and went under our couch.  Seriously!

So we left the house a little late and feeling greatly defeated.  Meanwhile as we shared our story with friends we were encouraged to use Duct Tape to captured the mouse.  The testimonial our friend gave was quite convincing.  I even ran into a local drug store, just a few minutes before closing, to buy this wonderful tape.  I started laying out Duct Tape, sticky side up, across a cheap game board, as soon as we arrived at home.

As I was making my trap I hear yelling from my son’s bedroom.  There had been a sighting. My husband and I finished the Duct Tape trap and blocked the exit with it.  We also made a smaller version.  Then we attempted to scare the rodent.  He darted with fright across the room, right over the Duct Tape, and out the bedroom door. 

We have not had any verified sighting since.    So we reluctantly set up 2 old fashioned snap-traps with a tad of peanut butter for the bait.  We were only reluctant because we understand the traps must be hid carefully so not to snap any curious fingers.

I hope the little critter enjoys this night for I hope more that it is his last 🙂


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