Me vs. Mouse: Day 8 Total Surrender

To be honest, I assumed, that this saga would be short lived.  In my mind there was no reason my first carefully placed trap would not be successful in the demise of my little foe.  But alas,  here were are more than a week since the first siting with nothing to show for our search except a glue trap with footprints and much evidence of its occupancy.

As crazy as it may seem I have found the presence of this rodent to be a blessing in disguise.  Two days ago, two friends and I did in 5 hours what I had not accomplished in years.  We did an in depth cleaning in the worse part of my basement. 

I am a sentimental person and therefore have trouble getting rid of what some may consider “junk”.  I also struggle with feeling like I am wasting “useful” things that I may have need for later on if I get rid of them.  By some definitions this would be called “hoarding”. 

It is amazing how easy it was to throw away things that had evidence of this critter’s presence.  We were able to send more than ten trash bags out to the curb.  Being in the mood of surrender I allowed my friends to fill the back of my mini van and the front passenger seat with donations to our local thrift store. 

So now, thanks to this little mouse (or most likely several mice) I have a basement that is freed from a mass of clutter.  Thanks to my friends Teri and Connie most of all. 

But the battle is not over, for even though this mouse has aided me in an area of personal growth, he is not welcome in my home.

A friend told me that mice hate the smell of mint.  I have been spraying my stairway with diluted peppermint regularly, in the hopes that we will have no unwanted visitors upstairs.  My husband has plans of setting the “snap-traps” and baiting them with peanut butter.

This mouse seems like he is always a step ahead of me.  Do you think he might be reading my blog?

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