Me vs. Mouse: Day Two

When my children woke up I told them of our furry invader in a very dramatic fashion. I was hoping to rally the troops in a mission to defeat said mouse.  The initial reactions I received were not the ones I had hoped.  

“Can we keep it Mommy?  Mice are so cute.”

After explaining the sickness and damage a mouse in our home could cause my support seemed to be growing.  I thought we were all on the same page until my oldest says she would pray that we couldn’t catch the mouse so we would be able to borrow her cousins’ cat.

At least my husband and I see eye to eye on the situation.  Once years ago,  I found a flea in our home.  Within minutes my husband had me vacuuming our carpet as he moved more furniture to clean under.  You can imagine how much more adrenaline has been released over the sighting of a rodent.

So plan A has taken effect.  I have set up a box smaller than a tissue box.  By closing three of the four top flaps I have allowed a small rectangular shaped hole to remain.  Inside the box is a traditional store bought glue trap baited with a quarter size piece of bagel with cheese and peanut butter on it.

Will the little menace take the bait?  Is there only one or an entire family as some have suggested? Stay tuned as this saga unfolds.


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