Today I was reading a blog where someone was sharing his life story.  I sensed the person was longing for acceptance and understanding.  I remember often looking for sympathy from others by sharing the hurts of my past.  Sharing these stories only brought more pain and hurt as I became bitter toward those who had inflicted my hurt.  Over the years I struggled with severe depression and had trouble overcoming it.  During this time I was already a Christian but I had the wrong focus.

Through it all the only victory I could find was not in self-examination but in focusing on my Creator and how much He had sacrificed for me.  Taking ourselves too seriously often leads to pain, disappointment, discouragement and depression.  We need to take a look around and get outside of ourselves.  Reach out to others (as hard as that may be) and remember that no matter what catastrophes are happening around or within us  the LORD is still on His throne.  

The LORD Jesus Christ  has given me many victories.  He has shown me how to forgive those who have caused me pain.  Sometimes I find myself holding a grudge.  The LORD reminds me in His Word that we are suppose to forgive those who have “transgressed against us”.  Bitterness is a cage in which we hold ourselves captive.  The LORD helped me unlock that cage so that I might be free.

This blog was inspired by a desire to give people permission not to take themselves so seriously.  “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.”  (Proverbs, KJV)  I don’t mind laughing at myself and encouraging others to laugh with me if it will help one person to forgive themselves for not being perfect.

If you do not have a relationship with the LORD Jesus Christ you need to discover another, more important type of forgiveness.

Please take the time to watch this cartoon video called Tiny Shoes.  It shares an amazing story and tells of the most important forgiveness anyone could desire.

I know that my posts are usually written on a more light-hearted note.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.  As much as I love to laugh eternity is one thing I take very seriously.

4 thoughts on “Seriously

  1. I try to incorporate humor in my posts also. Sometimes I indulge in explain my life story. Should I? Really don’t know does it make me think of the pain that has been caused? Yes. I was originally going to blog about depression and suicide. Topics that I can have new material and viewpoints on. The problem with these topics is it makes me depressed thinking about it.

    • Please do not feel that I had any intent on criticizing you or your blog. I did read your latest post and it touched my heart. I have been in the depths of depression before. Please always remember that there is Hope. I will pray that you live way past that birthday in 2 months.

      • Haha That’s a little funny that you read that I had no idea. I just popped on the reader and read your latest. I post stuff then take it down all the time. It always depends how I feel.

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