Saturday School

What does the homeschooling mom of five young children do on a Saturday?  The answer differs from week to week but it is safe to say that school happens here everyday.

This week I challenged my children’s definition of “school”.  Since birth my children have all been “home educated”.  I accept the blame of calling their written work “school” over the years.  My children have started expressing that they hate “school”.  What they mean is that they hate written work.

This week, with the help of my awesome home school group, I made an initiative.  I told my children that everything they do is “school”.  Yes, they still have to do the written work they might detest but they are also learning in many other situations.

My 5 year old son was elated.  “Hey, you guys!  Did you know that everything is school?  Even when we play Angry Birds?”

I have not had one person make the ever-dreaded statement, “I hate school!” since the word has been redefined.  What a blessing!

Today, for “school” my nine year old helped me complete a 300 piece puzzle.  Upon completion we took our pictures with it and commenced to destroy it and pack it away.  Then I spent an hour with her, using a puzzle map of the United States, teaching her the state capitals and a little bit of geography.  When her father returned home from an errand he was amazed at how many capitals she knew and wondered when she had learned them.  He was skeptical when I told him that I had taught them to her in one hour with use of a puzzle.

I love being a homeschooling mom!!!

One thought on “Saturday School

  1. Today school for us involves watching television, the inauguration, which brings opportunity to discuss the government structure and the individuals who currently fill the positions within it.

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