Immune to Email


Immunity, from my understanding, can occur when someone is exposed to something often enough for the body to desensitize itself to it.  This partially explains why I  have managed to ignore my main email account since June.

All the emails from so many different businesses  were drowning what were potentially important emails.  The task just became overwhelming.  I saw that my husband had been checking the account on his phone.  That meant I could ignore it, right?  Wrong!

It seems that it was my responsibility to take care of the account on my  own device.  Who knew?

No more data hoarding for me.

Last night I was awake until 2 a.m.  after sorting through and deleting over 5000 emails off my laptop.  No wonder my computer seemed like it had a virus.  It had more than 5000 emails worth of data sitting inside it.  The loading processes today have been so much quicker.

I feel now that my account has been cleaned out and that the new year has brought another fresh start.  I intend on checking my email at least 3 times a week.  So you might say that I have “re-sensitized” myself.

Soon I will tell you how staying up until 2 a.m.  effected my day but that is for another post.

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