Only Eggnog

Sitting in the parking lot in front of a large grocery store my husband and I were discussing which of us would go in and leave the other with our 5 children in the car.  There are many factors in this decision.  Many times depending on the mission my husband would rather stay in the car.  The children remain buckled while they listen to something entertaining like “Patch the Pirate”.  Many times if there are many items to purchase we will go in as a family.  This particular trip grew from a desire for eggnog.  My husband loves eggnog (non-alcoholic of course).  You know the kind you can find next to the milk in any grocery store this time of year.

When I offered to go purchase my husband’s eggnog I saw the question arise on his brow.  Can I trust that she will only pick up eggnog and nothing else?

You see, over the years, I have given him reason to speculate.  I struggle with the woes of an impulse shopper.  The strongest temptations that I face are on the clearance aisles or in the thrift stores.  Since my childhood I have learned not to pass up a “good deal”.

For this reason I avoid most stores unless necessary and try to stay off the internet.  My wise husband has encouraged me over the years with this advice.  “It’s not a good deal unless you need it.”  I find myself feeling that I need good deals:-)

By God’s grace, I am able to avoid the shopping malls and discount stores easily.  When my children are in need of certain articles of clothing I will make a stop at a thrift store first and then maybe WalMart.   I have found myself deciding last minute not to purchase superfluous items at the register.  I often add the cost of these unwanted items up in my head so I can tell my husband how much money I have saved him.  It always boosts my confidence to be able to hand him a receipt without an apology to follow.

The other day he sent me in to get his eggnog.  I intended on walking directly back to the dairy section.  The Christmas clearance section caught my eye.  A positive video about Sarah Palin practically jumped off the display into my hands.  But “no”,  I entered that store with the intention of purchasing eggnog.  I quickly exited the tempting aisle and found the desired beverage.  I took it to the front and procured it and only it.

What a blessing to return to our van with only one bag in my hand containing only eggnog!  Mission Accomplished!

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