The Christmas Craze

So how do we celebrate Christmas in our family?  Everyone has traditions decorations, baked goods, gifts, calendars, caroling and so forth.

Our first priority of the season is to get family pictures taken.  No big deal right?  Have you ever taken 5 children under the age of 10 into a photo studio hoping that you can get at least one shot of everyone smiling simultaneously (including the 2 parents)?Lets just say that a photo session, from entering the studio until our favorite poses are chosen, can easily be 3 hours.  That is if we go in early November. By the end  of our session we will settle for any photo that my husband and I look decent in no matter what the children are doing:-)

Why go through all the trouble?  Portraits help me cherish memories from year to year. They bring something consistent and tangible.  They also  brighten up all the Christmas cards we give or send to our family and friends every year.Which brings us to another tradition.

Christmas cards are a must each year.  I try to send out cards that reflect the most important focus one can have anytime of year, the LORD Jesus Christ.

One of the traditions I unwittingly keep every year is the losing of  my address book.  It seems that I don’t use it frequently during the rest of the year but I will see it several periodically  and remind myself that I will be looking for it come Thanksgiving or thereabouts. It does not fail that the first week of December my address book will have disappeared.  This year I pleaded with my Facebook friends to pray for me to find it.  I discovered it the next morning, in our guest bedroom, with dinosaur stickers on the cover. Check that tradition off the annual to do list 🙂

Then  we must not forget the shopping.  I try to keep my family’s focus on giving and not getting.  Therefore, you will not see me at Toy R’ Us or Best Buy, on Black Friday, trying to attain the latest game system for my children.  I try to shop sales and keep spending to a minimum.  Sometimes it is good to take advantage of sales throughout the year.  This strategy is not always that advantageous for me.  Things I buy early tend to get forgotten, lost or both by the time we get to the big day.  There is a small doll that I was suppose to give my 7 year old for her 6th birthday.  I have yet to find it. Sometimes my gift hiding places are just too good.

The food is one of my husband’s favorite traditions about any holiday.  He especially loves the turkey, the ham, the sweet potato casserole and the greOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAen bean casserole.  Speaking of green bean casserole, I incidentally, while preparing for our most recent big family dinner, left the fried onions out of my casserole and only put them on top.  It was like eating mushroom soup with green beans.  That’s one dish my husband is hoping will not become a tradition:-) Merry Christmas!!!

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