Tall, Dark and Clumsy

Does the statement that “a side by side refrigerator prevents brain damage” make sense to you?  Well, I believe it whole-heartedly!  My husband must believe it, too.  He bought me a side by side for that reason alone.  He feared that if we kept the other model, with the freezer on top, that I would severely injure myself.

The fact of the matter was that I would bang my head on the ceiling of the fridge on a regular basis.  I am 5′ 9″ tall and many times unaware of my surroundings.   Eventually, my husband relented and to protect his wife he got rid of this obstacle to my sanity.

This story came to mind yesterday as I was stepping out of the shower and knocked my forehead against the upper frame of our shower door.  I still have a mark from that one.

Let’s just say,  that grace and coordination are not found at the top of my list of skills.  Along with being above average in height for a lady, I also wear size 11 shoes.  In other words, I have a large “under standing”.  Combine big feet with a lack of coordination and you will find comedy in it’s rawest form.

Classmates used to pick me for their basketball teams, when I was in grade school, because of my height.  After I lost control of the ball, several times, by bouncing it off the end of my feet, there was a change of heart among them.

I took up track instead.  My long legs turned out to be an asset in this field.  Then there came that fateful day, “Field Day 1991”.  I was bored and spotted some hurdles stacked together on the sidelines.  My pride jumped ahead of me and with the certainty that I could make it, I attempted a running leap over those hurdles.  My pride landed on the ground with a scraped knee and a pile of overturned hurdles behind me.

It does not take things as big as hurdles to humble me.  I remember as a teenager, walking through the Food Court, in our local mall, on a Friday night.  My best friend and I were headed to the restroom.  Right in the center of the Food Court I stumbled over a “slippery when wet” sign.  The sign slammed to the ground with an amplified bang against the tiled floor. My shoe flew in the opposite direction.  Once I had found me shoe and composed myself my friend was no where to be found.

I am thankful for every “humiliating” experience I’ve been granted over the years.  Each one reminds me that life on Earth will never be perfect, no matter how planned.  It blesses me not to have to take myself too seriously.  As long as the damage I do isn’t permanent:-)

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