Parade Parody Part 2

These are my 5 children that range in age from 15 months to 9 years old. Here they are playing near a small seashore.

So it has been a couple of days but I am back to finish the story.

There was no parade for my eager family to attend.  We had driven an hour to get to this point.  What could we do in order to redeem our travel time?

The first thing that came to mind was this really amazing pet store that I knew my son would enjoy.

“Where is this pet store?”my husband inquired.

“I think it is off this road somewhere,” I replied.

After driving 10 minutes, or so, my husband wanted to know if I was sure of my directions.  I had to admit that I was uncertain but on the way we had seen a sign for a historical place that had been on my list of field trips for this school year.  I called my parents to verify the location of the pet store but as we were about make a u-turn I asked if we could go to my hopeful field trip location instead.  This spontaneous change of plans is something my husband has grown accustomed to over the years.  I think he even gets caught up in the excitement sometimes.

So we drove another 20 minutes and as we were looking up some info on my husband’s phone we realized that the place we were headed to was closed on Mondays.  Would this call for another dramatic change of plans?

We pulled into the nearly abandoned parking lot hoping that we could at least walk around even though the historical buildings were closed.  How excited the children were just to run around in the brisk air.  They climbed on top of barrels and posed in front of colored leaf covered trees.  My 15 month old just ran around from sibling to sibling exploring new ways to have fun in this strange environment.

Soon we walked, ran and skipped down a ramp that lead to a little shoreline.  The temperature definitely did not encourage water play.  That did not hinder my children by much.  They played in the sand.  My little one laughed as we held him up over the water and he splashed with his hands.  Some of them enjoyed throwing rocks into the water while others collected “souvenirs” they found along the shore.

When we headed up away from the water these “souvenirs” consisted of sticks that had washed up on the shore, a feather and some rocks.  By the end of our excursion a few walnuts were added to our collection.

After we read about some of the buildings and interviewed an archeologist that happened to be digging nearby we again loaded our van.  We agreed that the famous pet store (at least in my family) would be  our next logical destination.

Just call me a kid but I think such things as baby birds, baby guinea pigs, a hedge hog and a chinchilla, all drip of awesomeness:-)  Then there were the ball pythons at least 6 of them in tanks surrounding the cages with the cute, cuddly animals.

I have blogged much about my disdain of spiders.  Snakes bring an even more extreme fear than the huge arachnids in my basement.  The only difference is that I rarely if ever encounter a snake outside of a pet store or zoo.  By God’s grace I was able to enjoy the little , cute and cuddly creatures without dwelling on the slithery serpents that surrounded me.

After eating at a local cafe we headed home.  My oldest said, “this has been my best day ever!”  Music to a mommy’s ears:-)

Just an example of how the LORD can take our foiled plans and shape them into an outstanding day:-)

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