The Parade Parody

Children love parades.  We were able to attend a Thanksgiving parade, in Plymouth, years ago.  It still remains the highlight of that vacation.  So why not attend a Veteran’s Day parade?  My husband served in the Navy during the first Gulf War.  What a wonderful way to honor my husband and the many other men who have served in our military.

With this in mind, I searched the web for any local parades before going to sleep last night (Sunday).  I found one that sounded wonderful.  We were going to have all of the children ready to go and out the door by 9am.  This whole prospect is always intimidating to me.  We are not early risers.  As a mother of 5 children I think of getting out of the door in terms of 5 pairs of matching socks and 5 pairs of matching shoes.  Sometimes, when such things are put where they belong,  this process is not as complicated but more often there is at least one child who claims they cannot find one of these items.

This morning was a fairly smooth morning.  We managed to leave our driveway around 9:20am,  the first time.  Then there was that U-turn when were remembered that we had left the double stroller in the garage.

We realized from the internet that there would be no room to park anywhere near the parade itself.  So after driving, about 1 hour, we arrived at the designated shuttle bus parking lot a few minutes later than we had hoped.  We tried to get ourselves as prepared as possible for the bus without getting all of the children out of the van.  After several minutes had passed I grew concerned that we had missed the last shuttle.  I offered to go into the Community College, in whose lot we were instructed to park, to see if anyone could answer my questions.  I found myself in a computer room where I was ignored for a few minutes before someone offered to help me.

“Do you have any information about the shuttle bus that is taking people to the Veteran’s Day Parade?” I asked hopefully.

“Yes.  That was yesterday.  The parade was on Veteran’s Day.  Today is only the day the Federal Government gets off, not the actual holiday.”  The woman’s response made me feel just a little bigger than a mouse.  She had such a condescending tone.

“Then it is a good thing I came in here to talk to you. Thank you.” was my only reply.

The hardest part was telling my family that we had missed the parade by a full 24 hours.  My husband literally laughed when I told him. My children, on the other hand, were not as amused at my confusion.

For some this would be defeating but being a spontaneous person who is  married to a man who enjoys my spontaneity (sometimes) we were able to salvage our day and have a great time doing it. I hope to post about the rest of today’s adventures tomorrow:-)

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