Voting Ventures

It just occurred to me that although there are many things on my mind to post about, voting is what indwells the minds of just about everyone right now.  So I could use this as an opportunity to post my ideas on who you should vote for and what issues you should vote against.  Restraining myself from that soap box I figured you might want some amusing anecdotes to consider as you’re standing in line to fulfill your civic duty.

It was about 6 years ago, in 2006, that I was expecting my now 5 year old son.  Anyone who knows me is well aware that I grow quite large when I’m with child.  Many times I can express impatience and even offense at the comments made to me about how large I am.  The fact that an expectant mother has a plethora of hormones bouncing around inside her makes it even more dangerous to comment on her size. 

There have been times that my size has been a blessing in disguise.  The midterm election, 6 years ago, turned out to be one of those times.  The lines were extraordinarily long, that year. I always enjoy meeting the people waiting around me when I’m in line.  There’s just something about a captive audience:-)

I had been waiting about 45 minutes.  Keep in mind that I was about 5 months along with my son.  I had people around me guessing that I was at least 7 months along and having twins. 

My favorite part is when one of the voting officials spotted me.  She took me out of line by the arm.  She led me into the gym where people were casting their votes.  She then pulled up a chair for me that I may remain seated until it was time for me to vote. I felt like she feared the baby would be born right there.   She never asked me how far along I was:-)


Is this what the Bible referrs to as being “great” with child?

A few months later it was time to renew my driver’s license.  By this time I was in my last trimester and people were guessing that I was carrying multiples.  As soon as I walked into the DMV one of the ladies behind the counter took me by the hand right through the process.  I was in and out of the DMV in less than 15 minutes.

It does not only happen when I am expecting.  It is not rare for people to assume that I am even when I’m not.  This can make for an embarrassing situation depending on when and how this mistake is made.  I’ll never forget the last time we traveled to the Dominican Republic as a family.  My husband and I were juggling suitcases and children.  At the time our oldest was 4.5 years old and we had a 2.5 year old and a  8 month old.  You can imagine that negotiating the airports was an adventure in itself.  When we were attempting to get through customs or some place similar with an extremely long line,  an official approached our family and said, “Come with me.”  As our family followed him to the head of the line it became painfully obvious that he assumed that I was expecting another baby.  I can’t say I minded the preferential treatment.

I would not intentionally mislead someone into believing that I was expecting when I was not.   It does help to look on the brighter side of something that would otherwise be defeating.

So go out and vote and don’t be caught wearing a fake belly just to skip ahead in line:-)


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