The Dental Detour

The following elaborates on why my loving husband purchased a new GPS as a surprise Christmas gift for me last year.

 Have I ever mentioned that he does 99.9% of the driving when we are together? The two simple reasons for this are: he loves to drive and I consider it a necessary evil. As a full time stay at home wife and mom, who is somewhat involved in my community, there are many times I am forced to drive.

 This particular Monday, over a year ago, was no exception. A dental appointment was looming over my head. It had been scheduled weeks in advance. My good friend, Christine, had offered to watch the children (only 4 at the time, I was expecting my fifth). She lived just 2 miles from my intended destination.

 Contentment filled my heart as I pulled away from her home with the idea of being early to my appointment. This idea passed quickly after I made a right instead of a left onto the main road. No problem I thought. This is a town that I visit several times a week. I’ll just take another route. The road I was traveling seemed familiar and I looked for where I could make a right to get back on track. Before I knew it there were no more familiar roads to turn on. Ten minutes into my trip I reluctantly pulled out an older GPS that wasn’t always reliable.

 The GPS confirmed that I was no longer in the same town of my dentist’s office. I was now headed two towns over with that being the shortest route back to my original destination.

 I eventually came barreling into the quiet waiting room apologizing profusely for now being 10 minutes late. The receptionist was gracious as she gave me a puzzled look. Her next few words reshaped my entire day, “Your appointment isn’t until tomorrow morning.”

3 thoughts on “The Dental Detour

  1. Wow, Becky! No exaggeration? Reminds me of the time that Kristina and I got on the wrong road and drove into the wrong state on our way back home from Pensacola — we didn’t realize it until we read the border sign! Fortunately we were “only” 7 miles out of our way, as I recall — or was it 14 total? Can’t remember.

    But sounds as if you need a new calendar, not a GPS . . . just kidding! 🙂 I want to know the sequel — what happened the next day!

  2. I remember when the man driving our collegian bus, to camp out, got lost and went past a sign that said Welcome to Alabama. We teased that he would be in big trouble when word got out that he had taken all us girls across state lines:-)

    In regards to a sequel I think my mom helped me with the children and I ended getting an unnecessary root canal. I would much rather post about the more amusing moments in my life:-)

    • I kidded you about the calendar last night, and then I made the same sort of mistake today at school. Because some of the students I tutor didn’t show up in the library today because of testing, I started doing another task and got absorbed in it. When the bell rang, I hurried to call down to the computer class so the teacher there could send me some more students to tutor. Sounding a little puzzled, he said that he would send them, but they didn’t show up for ten minutes, so I sent the secretary to see if they got lost somewhere in transit. She went to talk to the teacher . . . and came back to remind me that he wouldn’t have any of those students until the next hour. I was an hour ahead of myself.

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