Then a Spider Sat Down Beside Her….

This was the kind of spider that kept me up half the night.

Arachnophobia comes to mind when the events of a couple nights ago come creeping back to me.  If you have read my post “My Spider Spearing Spouse” you won’t be surprised to learn of my great dislike for spiders.  Okay, “my hate” of spiders.  Just call me a “hater”.

It was after midnight in my basement.  The thought of heading upstairs, to bed, had occurred to me, more than once.  My baby slept peacefully in my arms when from the corner of my eye I spotted a creature moving on the floor next to me.  Was it a mouse?  No, it was an animal-like wolf spider.  As I stared in horror  my first reaction was to take my little one upstairs, out of harms way.  Once he was settled I grabbed my Norwex telescopic mop handle and a spray bottle of diluted Dawn dish detergent.  It was time to clean house!!!

When I arrived back down in my basement the enormous arachnid had relocated.  The search began while I gingerly took my 6 foot mop handle and moved items from the floor.  I then proceeded to move our couch and sweep underneath, to no avail. I had basically cleaned a good portion of our basement before I heard the baby crying upstairs and I was compelled to abandon my  search.

I tended to my little one and remembered that there was something important I had left in the basement.  It was now after 2 AM .  As soon as I set foot in the basement the spider stood there, in the middle of the floor, obviously stunned at my sudden appearance.  I grabbed my mop (with the six foot handle) and beat that spider until it gave up the fight.  Then I sprayed it with the Dawn just to make sure it was really dead.

By the time I got upstairs and my nerves allowed me to fall asleep it was 3 AM.  The morning came quickly and my husband was dismayed when he learned of my bedtime.  He soon became thankful when I reminded him that the basement was clean and I had not roused him to kill the menacing creature for me:-)

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