Minivan Memories

Have you ever cleaned out your family vehicle and felt like you had part in an archeological dig?  This is no stretch of the imagination.
Just a couple of hours ago  I  was cleaning out our family van.  It had not had a cleaning since our vacation that started at the end of June.  You are welcome to do the math.

Thanks to my Norwex car cleaning set it took me less than 15 minutes and  a gallon of water to clean the outside of my van.  It was the inside that posed the most difficulty.

Before I accepted this mission, that some thought impossible,  you could not see the floor mats.  Each layer of trash,  toys, books, crafts, clothes, shoes, etc. brought out a new exciting memory of the past couple of months.

Look Anna made this in Vacation Bible school a month ago.  Whoa?  That is the bottle to a drink I bought one of the children when we were in Iowa or somewhere.   Ruth’s clean Pull Ups that she no longer needs because she’s potty trained. Hallelujah!  Those are the spatulas I must have brought when we had a get together, to celebrate our anniversary, in July.  I was wondering where they had gone.

Then there are the finds that are not as joyous.  There are sometimes the melted crayons or the petrified chicken nuggets and alas the sandwich bags with moldy bagels or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches inside of them.

When all was said and done I had perspiration dripping from my nose and had collected the following:

-Six grocery bags full of trash

-Two kitchen trash bags full of books, toys, clothes, etc.

-4 more grocery bags of miscillaneus stuff

The feeling of accomplishment consumes me.  Then my wonderful husband, as a reward, finished the job with a handheld vacuum.  What a blessing!

My husband’s Toyota Corolla, on the other hand, could be sitting unobtrusively in a new car lot.  On the rare occasion him and I get to go on a date  in his car  I breath in the fresh new car (air freshener) smell and think….I could get use to this.

What can I say?  I married an amazing man and he can claim the verse in the Bible that says, “He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing.”:-)

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