Keys Please

The other day my 5 year old son and I were looking at a book about how things work.  The complexity of a single door lock being opened by a small metal key amazes me.  Thinking on such things takes away some of the malice I harbor toward keys and the constant battles I  fight with keeping track of them.

This whole thought process took shape because of a situation I found myself in the other day.  I have not been able to drive for 2 weeks now since the injury of my foot and ankle.  As a result, the children and I have been spending more time walking in our neighborhood.

This particular day we walked to the end of our dead end road and knocked on a neighbor’s door. There was no answer so we walked back to the entrance of our neighborhood where our dearest of neighbors live.  Miss. Claudia opened the door and greeted us along with her 5 year old daughter.  She immediately invited us in and the children played.  It was almost 2 p.m. when I started to round up the children to go home.  It was then that our hostess asked if the children would like to play in her back yard.  I figured they would enjoy some sun and exercise so I gave up the idea of them laying down for a nap on time.  After watching the children play for another 20 minutes I insisted that my crew go home for a nap.

We arrived at our front door hot and sweaty with a nagging thirst upon us.  It was then that it occurred to me that I had taken the back door key since I could not find one for the front door.  We had left by means of the automatic garage.  So I asked the children to stay put while I walked up the hill, to the back of the house, and attempted to unlock the back door.  To my dismay the back door was swollen and therefore stubborn in helping me accomplish my goal of unlocking it.

Thankfully, I had my cell phone with me.  I called my husband, at work, to explain the predicament he would be rescuing us from.

“How did you get locked out?”was his only question.

“How soon can you get off work?” I pleaded.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can!”  Cesar to the rescue!

At this point my only logical plan was to go back to my neighbors house and wait for my husband to make an early commute home to deliver us from our plight.  It was less than 45 minutes before my cell phone rang with my knight in shining armor on the other end letting us know that he was home.

No, the children did not get their naps that day but I enjoyed the time with my neighbor and my husband once again got to be our hero!

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