Matching Shoes? You Choose!

When my first child was a toddler it was not uncommon for me to let her wear mismatching socks just because I had trouble finding a matching pair.  My husband would discourage this for fear of what people might think.  I figured that the people at the play places would assume she had dressed herself.  This was long before mismatching socks were fashionable (I was obviously ahead of my time:-)

Now as a mother of 5 children I have come up with a system for sock management.  Each of my children has  one certain brand and style of sock assigned to them.  If a stray sock is found that is not designated to a child it gets tossed.  Any new socks or pairs that do not fit the plan are given away.  It’s just sanity:-)

During the summer we tend to wear things like flip-flops and sandals.  They are not only cooler during the hot summer days but they do not require a matching pair of socks to be found in order to wear them.

About a week ago most of my children were in or headed to our garage, to get into the van, when my 3 year old daughter announces that she is shoeless.  After sifting through a small hill of shoes, with no matches in sight, I grabbed two mismatched flip-flops (a left and a right one) and brought them with us.  One was a brown Diego flip-flop and the other a white flip-flop with rhinestones.  Did I mention my daughter had a well visit scheduled at the pediatrician that day?  The first thing our doctor said was, ” Oh, look at her shoes.  They do not match.  Did she dress herself this morning?”

I just can’t wait until mismatched shoes are the latest fashion:-)

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