The Man of my Dreams: part 4

The question had been posed.  What would Cesar need to do in order to marry me?  Well, to be honest, my heart had been won.  It seemed that by his mother’s question that she was approving of our union.

Now Cesar would have to  gain the approval of my father once more.  This time it would not be as intimidating as the first.  My parents obviously adored Cesar.  Their approval was merely a formality.  Especially when you consider how ready my father was to marry off his last single child and the cause for many gray hairs in the years just prior to this:-)

It was in early July that the blessing of my parents was confirmed. Cesar and I then went to the mall to pick out an engagement ring.  I went into the jewelry store and showed him two of my favorite rings so that he would have an idea of what I liked.  Then I went for a stroll around the mall.  We had an understanding that he would buy a ring that night because we were planning another trip to see his parents and wanted to show them the ring.  Cesar also remembered me telling him, prior to that day, that I dreamed of being surprised by an engagement ring.

When I thought he must have accomplished his purchase I headed back to find him.  Once we met up I excitedly asked him what ring he had chosen.  He calmly told me that he had not purchased a ring (a lie with a good intention:-)).  I became severely disappointed and thus not to be reckoned with.  I was saying things like:  “What do you mean you didn’t get the ring?  I thought we agreed we wanted to have one before we went to see your parents.”  Then I finally stopped talking to him altogether and just started walking.  Meanwhile, Cesar was following me around the mall as I attempted to ignore him.

I finally took a detour into a little toy store called “Mother May I?”.  Cesar again followed me.  I was distracting myself by walking the aisles and looking at toys when Cesar, from behind me,  says, “Becky look!”.  Turning around, thinking I was being shown an unusual toy,  I was shocked.  In Cesar’s hand was a small opened box containing a diamond ring.

“Becky, will you marry me?”he sighed.  To enhance the romance of the moment I slightly pushed him for lying to me:-)  Once he regained his balanced I accepted his proposal and he put the ring on my finger.  Keep in mind that this happened on the tenth of July.

We started going to marriage counseling right away.  We were also watching marriage videos.  I started planning for a September wedding.

One Sunday afternoon, July 21st, while watching yet another video to prepare for our pending union we grew weary of all the planning and drama.  We talked to my parents about the issues we wanted to avoid.  We all decided that it would be best if we just got married  that afternoon!!!

My dad called the preacher who had been counseling us.  After talking to my parents the preacher agreed to marry us that day.  Cesar called his mom and she agreed to our “eloping” of sorts.  Later on we realized that he failed to mention that we would be getting married the same day he had talked to her.  Just a minor miscommunication:-)

My dad and Cesar headed to the preacher’s house first.  My mom helped me find a dressy outfit in her closet and we grabbed some large, fake, long stemmed flowers she had purchased for interior decor.  Those would be my bouquet.

Upon arrival at the preacher’s house we also met the other guests that had been invited:  the preacher’s wife, brother, sister-in-law and his great niece.  We had ourselves a handful of witnesses.

The preacher played his harmonica as my Dad marched me down the hallway into the preacher’s kitchen where the guests waited anxiously, sitting in metal folding chairs.  His brother sang a beautiful song about love.  The preacher gave us a blessing that had something to do with having a lot of children (little did he know what he had started:-)). I was truly a blushing bride.

After we were pronounced man and wife we had sweet tea and cookies with our guests.  We posed for some pictures, the preacher signed our marriage license and we were off to begin our new life together, just eleven days after our official engagement!

Thank you for reading one of my favorite stories to share. The telling of our story was inspired by the fact that yesterday we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  It has been the best 10 years of my life. I believe that the LORD has blessed us for striving to please Him in all of life’s decisions.  We claim the verse Psalm 127:1-  Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it….

3 thoughts on “The Man of my Dreams: part 4

  1. Reading your story brought tears to my eyes. Good tears. My husband and I have been married ten years. (We were engaged on the fourth of July.) They have been the best ten years of my life even though they haven’t been perfect. Isn’t real life beautiful? Thanks for sharing your story!

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