The Man of My Dreams part 3

That  following Saturday afternoon, Cesar came calling at my parent’s home.  It was the day before Mother’s Day so he came prepared.  He brought a pink rose bush and pink bush of carnations for my mom and I to choose from.  Still not being ready to jump into anything I chose the carnations.  That rose bush, he gave my mom, is still growing in front of her house.

Cesar and I were able to hang out with my family, that weekend, and learn more about each other.  By the middle of June I had traveled out to the west coast to visit my sister and he had given me a book to read called The Home: Courtship, Marriage and Children by John R. Rice to read on vacation.  In the book, it spoke of many standards Christians should have for their homes.  More importantly, it challenged courting couples to discuss such matters like that of child rearing and discipline, schooling, clothing, etc.

I really liked the book and found that Cesar and I agreed on almost every issue.  I ran up a substantial bill on my cell phone the week I was away. 

Upon my return Cesar greeted me with flowers and a balloon that said “I missed you.”  By this time it was futile to attempt to resist his charm.  I enjoyed spending time around a man who loved the LORD and obviously cared a great deal about me.

Within a couple of weeks, he and I took a bus to see his family a 4-5 hours away.  It was late when we finally arrived at his parent’s home but his whole family was eager to meet me.  It seems that there had been much talk about “the girl” Cesar had found.

Remember how he did not talk to me the first time we had met?  Well, his side of the story is as follows.  The night we met I had come to the special meeting with two friends, one of which was a guy.  Cesar had assumed that this guy and I were an item.   Cesar had been praying for about 10 years, since he last dated, for a specific list of what he desired in a future wife.  (things like a college education, certain dress standards and a lady who was willing to stay home to raise a family, etc.)  While I was giving him my testimony, that first night, he was silent because he was checking off a his mental prayer list.  And I thought that he assumed I was crazy:-)

Which brings us back to his delighted family.  I was the first girl that Cesar had brought to meet his family in over 10 years.  They thought he was too picky and would never find a girl to meet his standards.  I was treated like royalty.  It still amazes me how the LORD works. 

One evening as we sat in the kitchen, his mom talked to us for a while.  As I was sitting next to her eldest son, she said to me, “What does my son have to do for to marry you?” She never has been much for beating around the bush.  Those words would set us on a fast train to a major life decision.  Yes, we knew that our purpose for getting to know each other was to seek out a potential spouse but in all that time never was it posed to us so bluntly.

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