The Man of My Dreams

After four years at a large, conservative, Christian college, I left very single.  There were so many wonderful people there but not one of the upstanding young gentlemen, that I had been acquainted with, was my part of the ultimate plan for my life.

I was twenty-three years old, preparing for my first year as a school teacher*, when I remember seeing a handsome gentleman, sitting on the third pew to the right, at a special church meeting.  I managed to notice that he was not wearing a wedding ring.  Interesting:-)  We did not meet that night.

It was about two months later, in late September of 2001, in a different state, that our paths crossed once more.  This time I heard him pray at the church meeting and realized that he was Hispanic.  After the meeting was over I got up the courage to talk to him (in Spanish, no less).  Well, my Spanish isn’t so easy to understand so I continued sharing my testimony with him in English.  Meanwhile, he stood there not saying a word.

“He thinks I’m a nut,” was the only thought consuming my mind as I met up with my friends to leave that night.

Again two months would pass before this mysterious man and I would both be in attendance at another Revival meeting held by a church neither one of us regularly attended.  I innocently entered the chair-filled room giving little thought to the stranger, when I felt someone looking and smiling at me.  I ignored him.

Two hours later, when the service had ended,  there he was at the edge of a row close the aisle.  He looked so happy to see me that I felt sorry for him.  I stopped and said hello.  We talked for more than fifteen minutes when he grew nervous and made the following statement.  “You made a real impression on me the first time we met…. I believe that you are the kind of girl the LORD would have me to marry.”

He caught me speechless.  Which many know to be a rare moment?  Yet I was intrigued at what I thought to be a complete flip-flop in this gentleman’s opinion of me.

We spoke for a while longer and then were invited to go with a group of friends to IHOP.  It was a common understanding between us that to pursue a relationship, any further, he, a man of thirty years, would have to ask my father’s permission.

It would be a miracle for my father to consent to our courtship.

To be continued…….

*My first year as a school teacher was also my last but that is for another day:-)



One thought on “The Man of My Dreams

  1. Thanks for sharing the story! We just had our 10th anniversary, and we too have 5 kids 9 yrs old and younger! I’m looking forward to reading your next segment! 🙂

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