From Mangoes to McDonald’s

Me and a friend watching my children play at McDonald's while my husband takes advantage of a candid photo op:-)This blog was inspired by some delicious mangoes my father-in-law sent us recently.  It occurred to me as mango juice dripped down our chins that I had never tasted a fresh mango before I met my husband.

I am a product of the 80’s and 90’s, back when “organic” was something only “tree-huggers” talked about.  I remember seeing a carton of “organic” milk in my older sister’s refrigerator , years ago, and finding it quite amusing.  Who ever heard of an organic cow?  By God’s grace I am slowly but surely learning more about the healthier options available to my family.
I grew up with the most loving mom a person could imagine.  She did all she could to stay home with us until we were all in school. One thing she did not enjoy, though, was meal preparation. We often ate at the table together in the early years but after she went to work fast food seemed to creep in more and more.  As a teenager I didn’t mind at all.  I still love Whopper Jr’s. and onion rings.  Consequently,  I have never been at home with the culinary arts.  I have at least 20 cookbooks but not one of them has granted me the confidence I lack in meal planning and preparation.

This is where Cesar, my husband, comes into play.  He lived the first 16 or 17 years of his life in the breathtaking Dominican Republic.  They have fast food there, too, but not nearly as many options as we have here.  In my husband’s perspective his mother lived in the kitchen when they were growing up.  “She would clean up from breakfast and immediately  start fixing lunch,” he brags.  After spending time with my in-laws I believe him.  My mother-in-law can really cook.  She makes many traditional Caribbean-Hispanic Dishes like Rice and Beans, Habichuelas con Dulce, Arroz con Pollo, Pernil, (to name a few)  all served with fresh tomatoes, avacados, corn or beets on the side.  Visiting her is like being served at a Dominican restaurant.  Every meal looks like a buffet.

So what did it take for a man to leave such a array of wonderful foods and marry me?  Well that story is for another post:-)

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