Laundry Quandry

We were 5 days into our vacation staying at a hotel in Iowa.   I had mistakenly assumed that there would be laundry facilities available at this location.  Unfortunately the big sign that said “Laundry” on the door near the lobby was only for housekeeping staff.

After 5 hot days of travel with 7 people you  can imagine that I was desperate to find the nearest laundromat.  As it was, I had taken all five children with me to Wal-Mart, after 9PM the night before, to find clean clothes for them to sleep in.

Good news, there was a laundromat just a few miles away.  So on July 4th, in the midst of Iowa, I was headed down the road, my oldest and youngest child in tow, with two large trash bags full of dirty clothing.  I arrived at the first store front, filled with washers and dryers, only after one u-turn.  Once my sleeping baby was transferred to a stroller and the bags of laundry were on another stroller, I went to put my keys in my purse only to realize that it had been left behind.

It was at that moment that sinking feeling hit me.  A flashback hit me of when I was juggling the laundry bags, the baby’s car seat and my purse just a five minutes earlier.  Was it possible that my purse was left in the parking lot of the hotel?  Crazier things have happened, like the time my purse was left under a chair in a Wendy’s in Delaware. But that’s another story:-)

With this sense of panic, I rushed back to the hotel, after reloading my disgruntled daughter, my sleeping baby, laundry and strollers.  I then burst through my hotel room door and my husband calmly pointed to the missing purse sitting on the dresser. Praise the LORD!

Here we go again to accomplish the original mission of washing my family’s clothes.  This time I found the laundromat on the first try.  There is nothing quite as eye opening to the local flavor as hanging out at the laundromat on vacation.  I was actually encouraged by the helpful and friendly spirit of the people I encountered that day.

The most evident of blessings was the family I had known for years that appeared at the laundromat just to help me with the children and the folding.  They also had some good tips on the best dryers to use:-)  So it must be said that the rainbows appeared  in the midst of my little storm while doing laundry in Iowa.

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