For the Cause of Free Chicken

Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year.  My birthday or anniversary, you might guess.  No, it is Dress Like a Cow Day for free food at Chick-Fil-A!

Dressing up like Chuck E. Cheese is something I enjoyed doing as part of my job in high school years. I am definitely an extrovert and therefore have no qualms about wearing any kind of (modest) costume, especially when there is a yummy incentive.   Therefore every July next to Independence Day you will find “Cow Day” highlighted on my calendar.

Not all of my children are as enthusiastic about parading their old white t-shirts with black patches sewn on them and tails dangling from the back, as I am.  Then there are the construction paper headbands with the black ears dangling from them.  Every year the costumes seem get more extravagant:-)

This is one of my favorite menu items on “Cow Day”.

I even got my mother, who happened to be wearing black and white yesterday, to put on a laminated “Eat More Chicken” sign hanging by a shoelace around her neck and a white baseball cap, with black ears stapled to them, on her head.  She was granted a free fruit and chargrilled chicken salad and beverage.  I love it!!!

My husband is more of the quiet thinker.  He does not enjoy the attention as much as his wife does.  In years past he has arrayed cow costumes of sorts against his personal comfort for the purpose of a free meal.

The only struggle I must confess is that on such days it is hard not to judge those who choose to abstain from dawning dairy costumes on this special occasion.  I sometimes catch myself looking at them thinking, “What don’t you get about this?  You could be eating free food, too!”


2 thoughts on “For the Cause of Free Chicken

  1. For the past 2 years now I mark my calander and will again next year. This year when we went you were the odd ball if you weren’t dressed like a cow.

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