Road Trip

So where did this crazy lady go?  She was blogging most everyday and  then seemed to disappear off the face of the earth.  I was not missing, just on vacation with my family  in a seven passenger Toyota Sienna.  We visited places like Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana…

The itinerary my husband entrusted me to make up looked intimidating.  We drove over 40 hours in less than 11 days.  That’s a lot of car seat time for the little ones.  I prayed and asked many of my friends to pray for the grace of God to see us through.  The LORD did.

I think this would be a good time to express appreciation for Patch the Pirate and Adventure in Odyssey CDS.  The children listened intently while they were playing.

Not everything went according to plan.  My husband and I have an understanding.  When we are together he drives.  He enjoys driving and is very good at it, by the way.  I consider driving to be a necessary evil and am quite intimidated in well-populated areas that are unfamiliar to me or in parking lots LOL.

All this being said my husband got out of the car in Iowa (after spending 19 hours in the driver’s seat) with an aching back.  It did not take long before I realized it was not a passing condition.  So guess who drove to Wisconsin:-)  Let’s just say that I managed to avoid any collisions with the exception of a few curbs (but who is counting?)  He incidentally was ready to take over by the next leg of the trip (hmmm?)

Did Desi ever take Lucy on a road trip?  Stay tuned to the adventures we had along the way:-)

The Rolling Ridge Ranch is one of the children’s favorite places to visit when we stay in Ohio.

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