License to Launder

My first experience doing laundry was my freshman year in college.  Crazy right?  My sweet aunt basically showed me how to throw everything into one load and set the washer on cold.  She got me started on my clothes washing journey.

Now 16 years later I am washing clothes for 7 people daily.  I have had to learn an abundance through experience over the years.  Some of these experiences have also been life lessons for my husband.

One time in particular, my husband had just finished mowing and trimming the lawn.  He threw his soiled clothes into the laundry room immediately.  Feeling diligent at attacking the chore post haste, I proceeded to throw the grass stained articles into the washer along with other laundry.  About an hour later the same clothing was being tossed around in the dryer.

It was not until the next morning that I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach. In my husband’s early morning routine I had sensed panic.  He, being understanding of my unconscious state, did not attempt to wake me.  When I got up and did some investigation I on my own I realized that I had thoroughly washed and dried my husband’s first smart phone.

My husband was not angry at me.  He even claimed fault by saying he should not have left the phone in his pocket.  I also felt foolish because his pants had seemed unusually heavy as I tossed them in the washer.  So now I check pockets more carefully and my husband doesn’t keep a phone with him when mowing the lawn:-)

Now if he could teach me how to protect our ever endangered matching sock population ….HMMM?


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