Spray Paint the Shower? Why not?

There is usually a well-intended train of thought behind the seemingly crazy things that I do.  This particular event happened nearly 10 years ago but still remains very clear in my memory.

My husband and I rented a double-wide trailer for the first year that we were married.  It was amazingly spacious and the yard was beautiful.  There were a few minor problems. One of which was a rusty shower curtain rod.

That is where I boarded my train of thought.  What can you do to take care of rust?  Why not buy some rust proof spray paint?  This thought probably hit me in the paint aisle at Wal-Mart since I practically lived at that store back then.

What color would be appropriate?  Something earth-toned, clear or otherwise unnoticeable?  Nah!  Let’s try burgundy! It was probably on clearance.

It didn’t strike me, as I endeavored on my rod restoration project, that the paint would not be isolated to the rod.  Especially, because the rod was still attached to the walls looming in front of the shower.  So I started spraying the rod and was very pleased with my progress when I realized that a good amount of burgundy paint was splattered on the walls of the previously earth toned shower.

Well, we can’t have that.  How about finishing the walls with burgundy spray paint?  It was fun, I must say, at least until my husband got home from work. “Ay yay yay”

What might have exacerbated the whole situation was the box fan I had strategically placed and turned on for the purpose of ventilation.  It had blown specks of burgundy paint all over the bathroom.

I still remember when we were moving out of that trailer.  I had to scraped every inch of that burgundy paint off the shower walls.  Our landlady never knew the difference:-)


One thought on “Spray Paint the Shower? Why not?

  1. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I read this a couple times. Laughed even harder the second time. HILARIOUS! Becky you sure have a way of wording things!

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