Dental Dilemma

I remember complimenting a friend, on her beautiful teeth, years ago.  Her response was, “Thanks, my husband spent good money on them.”  I suppose she was referring to several crowns that lined her jaw. At the time I thought that was hilarious.  Little did I know that a decade later I too would be thanking my husband for the money he has invested in my mouth.

My husband did not marry me for my pearly whites but rather the heart behind my not-so-pearly off whites.  I have never had to pray for humility in the area of my teeth.  When I was in school I often got teased for being “buck tooth” or “looking like a horse”.  These kind of things stick with you.  For many years I was embarrassed of my teeth.


Cesar and I, in Ohio, several years ago.

The funny thing is, that now, other than daily care, I rarely think about them, unless I’m in pain or there is something unsightly in between them.  What made the difference?  I guess it was the fact that the man of my dreams loves me just the way I am.  Who else do I have to impress? 

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