The UFO that Damaged my Minivan

I know what you’re thinking: “Is this lady another one of those conspiracy theorists?”  or “Did she just make up some wild story as a cover for poor driving skills?”  Neither of these will be answered in the affirmative.  The story you are about to hear really did happen and no names have been changed to protect the innocent.

It was soon after we had purchased our brand new Toyota Sienna.  I don’t think the first payment was yet due.  This was several years ago when I was only the mother of two.

It was just another day.  I had my teenage friend, Kimberley, (my only credible witness)  with me to help with the children.  I was headed southbound on a four lane highway when out of nowhere I see a UFO (unidentified flying object) flying from the northbound lanes, across the median and right into my driver’s side door.

Now this UFO was only approximately 12-14″ in diameter and silver if I recall.  My suspicions are that it was a spinner that had detached from someone’s hubcap.  I never did find the object of destruction.  It literally cut into my door just a few inches below my window and continued to cut through the passenger’s door behind me.  The whole gash was several inches long.

Now I’ve had to share many a story with my husband, to explain various damage to our vehicles, over the years.  This one definitely caught my husband off guard.  Even the guys at the body shop,who repaired our van that day (and a few times since), seemed amused by the unusual source of the damage.

The moral of the story is: Keep your eyes peeled for UFOs.  You never know when there will be one headed your way:-)

One thought on “The UFO that Damaged my Minivan

  1. Once my entire tire flew off my car while I was driving. We were able to locate it, though, so I promise that my tire wasn’t your UFO. 😉

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