My Spider Spearing Spouse

It was after church, revival meeting, tonight that I decided to vacuum our church’s nursery.  I innocently rolled the vacuum down the hallway and had plugged it in when I saw it.  It was a large brown spider on the side of the vacuum cleaner.  Did I scream?  No, but not for lack of fright.  I grabbed my shoe off and smashed it because just stepping on it would of required my body to be slightly closer to the arachnid.

Arachnophobia is one of my weaknesses.  As a little girl I hated spiders and I never grew out of it.  The fact we had wolf spiders in my house, during my childhood,  only fueled this fire of fear.  The movie about the same phobia didn’t help much either:-)

My husband has rescued me from many an anxious moment over the years.  Several years ago, while my husband and children were all asleep,  I saw a large wolf spider in my upstairs hallway. It was so large that after marking its location, I woke my husband and asked him to kill it. It was so big that when I saw it the second time I jumped. If you have ever seen an adult female wolf spider you can relate.

My husband walked into our restroom, where the spider was resting,  armed with a fly swatter.  This creature was so big that even my husband leaped back out of the room after hitting it.  To this day I believe that I heard that thing squeak.

Okay, maybe “My Spider Smearing Spouse” would be a more appropriate title but then there would be no alliteration.

However you prefer to say it, my husband is my hero!

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