Strategic Water Warfare

Around here we take water fights quite seriously.  My oldest is always begging to have water gun fights even before the weather is nearly warm enough. This love of water fights was engrained in my children from the time they could walk.  That is when my husband considers them fair game.

Well, it is supposed to reach 100 degrees today so I relented.  It was time to break into our arsenal of water artillery (AKA our coat closet).  We even loaded up some water grenades (balloons) to add to our array of weaponry.

My husband is working from home today so he got to join in the battle.  Honestly, it would not be nearly as fun without him.  My normally easy going husband takes on a whole new light in the area of competition.

A painful reminder of this was thrown my way, in the form of a water balloon to my back, as our battle had just commenced.  Seriously,  I was just walking toward the swingset, not even thinking that we would be targeting one another, when out of no where, from less than 3 yards away, he launches it and hits me square in the back.

Now it’s on!  I casually walked back into the house and loaded up several more balloons.  I cleverly retrieved the baby from him (so the little one would not be caught in the midst).  I then threw 3 balloons at him (all of which broke on or near him).  He filled his gun up with a pitcher and returned fire.  I ran over to the pitcher and poured some water into a bucket (not all of the water or the battle would have been short-lived).  I splashed the water on him and refilled twice.

I would have won the battle if he hadn’t broken out the water hose:-)  What a fun game to play on a hot afternoon.  BTW  I think our children had a blast, too:-)

One thought on “Strategic Water Warfare

  1. I could totally see Cesar spraying down the baby with the hose laughing his head off! But then afterward offering him candy! 🙂

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